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This page presents some of the statements of which Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign has been part. In seeking solutions to the many issues related to human trafficking, modern day slavery, and the abuse and marginalisation of groups of people like refugees and migrant workers, Penang Stop Human Trafficking has consistently urged a comprehensive approach.


We have joined with others to urge a comprehensive assessment of the many factors related to labour migration in Malaysia (and the region) so that a comprehensive policy can be developed to address all the issues coherently. Ad-hoc, one-off initiatives have not and will not work. We have done the same with regard to human trafficking. And with regard to our approach to refugees in this country.

We also sadly have to issue statements responding to particular events. This is sad because it indicates how little is being done to address the issues, and that the people who suffer (and in some cases, die) are women, men and children from refugee and migrant communities. We carry examples of these statements below.

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Submission to the Independent Committee on the Management of Foreign Workers

This statement complements the wider contributions of the Migrant Workers Right to Redress Coalition, of which we are a member.


It raises many issues related to the way we deal with migrant labour. It adds to the strong lobby for a comprehensive policy to cover the many areas, if we are to provide a proper, regulated environment for labour which protects all workers, Malaysian and non-Malaysian. 

The Independent Committee was established by the government, and its Report is at the moment with Cabinet. It has not been made public. It should be.

Modern Day Slavery and Top Glove

The exposure of the abuse of workers within the supply chains of huge companies like Top Glove and the rubber glove industry in Malaysia shows just how far we still have to go in combatting modern day slavery. Please download the statement and lend your voice to the advocacy goals.

Refugee Rights and the Right to Participate

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So often forums, conferences, seminars, workshops and other discussions about refugees are held in rooms where there are hardly any refugees. Far too often, there are none at all! This exclusion is really weird - and goes against the basic saying: "Nothing about us without us."

This has to change and we urge all those organising such events to think very hard about who you are calling and why, and to join us in respecting and promoting the right of women, men and youth from the refugee community to self-determination and empowerment.

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