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Help the efforts against human trafficking and support the work being done with the refugee community in Penang. Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact us at 

  • $30 provides educational material for English language instruction for 3 students for one year.

  • $100 provides school uniforms/learning materials (books, pens, etc.)  for 10 schoolchildren for one year

  • $150 provides breakfast for one month for 50 children

  • $200  supports  a refugee family for one month whose breadwinner has been detained

  • $400 supports one child for a full year of pre-school education

  • $1,200 supports 3 pre-school teachers for one month

  • $3,000 supports weekly computer and English class for 35 unemployed out-of-school youth for one year

  • $5,000 supports three youth soccer teams for one year

Donations to Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign are not currently tax deductible. But we still thank you for your gracious support..

Thank you to the UNHCR for the use of this photo.

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