The work of the Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign has combined advocacy, public awareness and close work with the refugee community. We do not have any paid non-refugee staff but need monies to support the advocacy and the community work. We support three refugee teachers and two refugee community workers, plus rental of premises and transport and communication costs.


Present community-driven initiatives also include the only refugee-run pre-school program in Penang, sponsoring a youth football league, conducting young adult computer and English classes, promoting community leadership development, and supporting community members in crisis. Check out the ASPIRE Penang website for more details.

Use the drop-down menu to the left to choose your support! It can include support a child for one week of kindergarten, a week of community outreach to support the Rohingya community, or a week of English/computer classes or futbol for a young adult. Thank you!

Donations are not tax deductible at this time.

School for  Refugee Children
Refugee Community Outreach
Young Adults English & Computer Classes & Football

The Good Start Learning Centre is a kindergarten for refugee children in Penang. The school is staffed by wonderful women and men from the refugee community, who teach up to 60 eager children aged 4 to 6, who have equally grateful parents. Presently, refugee children have no right to education in Malaysia, and so any education is provided through the efforts and generosity of kind-hearted people who donate so schools like ours can stay viable. Parents are increasingly involved as they realise the benefit which education brings their children. Donations here pay for teachers, rent, utilities, transport and school supplies.

Refugee Community Outreach means that our refugee outreach workers can help build community leadership across locations in Penang, developing a coalition of refugee voices, as well as support community-based initiatives including adult education, youth projects and community documentation. Our workers also attend to a wide variety of individual and collective challenges. Refugees have no legal status in Malaysia and are sadly vulnerable to exploitation. Donations in this area pay for community outreach workers, anti-trafficking activities, community interventions and education, and networking for peace. All of this is for strengthening and empowering the refugee community.

Young women and men from age 13 and up have no access to education, if they were even fortunate enough to attend earlier childhood classes. They are hungry to learn and keep pace with the world "out there." They have asked for English classes, computer learning, and leadership skills. They want to be an official football (soccer) team with uniforms and organized matches. Through these basic activities, young adults are learning to speak up for their needs, make better choices for themselves and for their friends, and serve their broader community. This, too, is dependent on the generosity of donors like you.




Penang, Malaysia

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